Problem configuring stand-alone burner


I just purchased a stand-alone LiteOn DVD recorder - DD-A100GX. It seems to work well so far, but I’m having a problem using my cable-box with it - Comcast digital cable.

Before you can record from the TV, you have to scan so the recorder can program in the available channels. This works fine when the cable-box is off and just receive basic cable. But when the box is turned on all I get is static and the recorder doesn’t recognize any of the channels, which means I am unable to record any of the premium channels.

Hopefully I’ve just overlooked some basic step in the setup. Any advice is appreciated.


I am having the same problem,the only difference is that i have a dishnetwork satellite receiver…PLEASEEEEEEEE HELPPPPPPPPPP

I don’t know technically why it works this way, but the burner will only recognize the channel that is being watched via the cable-box. You have to have the burner set to channel 3 to record the channel you are watching on the cable-box. They don’t mention this at all in the manual, which seems odd since it’s such a basic thing. Fortunately, a lot of the stuff I want to record is on basic cable, so I can leave the box off and use the timer. Unfortunately, if you have a satellite setup, you are probably stuck being able to record only what you are watching. Bad deal I think.



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I’m not familiar with this unit but if it has A/V input jacks use them and use the A/V out jacks on the Comcast Box to record premium channels from the Comcast digital box. I use the rear inputs on my LVW-5005 to do it.