Problem. Computer has to be hair dried in order to start



Hello everyone.

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I had stated the problem of my computer in this thread:

this is what i wrote:


I bought a new computer and it has some problems. The motherboard is P5Q deluxe.

Computer specs:
2.33 Ghz intel core 2 quad
around 380GB SATA hardrive

when i connect the power cable the power light and reset light on the motherboard light up, but when i press the power switch to turn on the computer, nothing happens (NO fan spinning - no fan spins including the CPU, power supply and etc…)

Any help is appreciated…


Now the computer does starts up but everyday first i have to open the computer and use the hair dryer for around 2 minutes to have it start up. I don’t know what is the problem, but i have been using the hair dryer for many days and it is annoying opening the whole computer everyday.

Any help is appreciated.



This is a very interesting problem. The only thing I can think of is the heat of the hair dryer is causing some metal to expand enabling it to make a connection where there was none before.


Just read your other thread. It is possible that whatever was sprayed in the computer to get rid of the bugs has some conductive or capacitive properties that are the root of your problem. I am not sure how the hair dryer fixes this however.

If it was me, I would remove the mobo (I know pain in the ass). And give it a good cleaning with rubbing alcohol and/or white vinegar and let it sit for while to completely dry.


This is a new one.

When you say, “use a hairdryer”, I assume you are applying heat, and not just blowing air. Can you identify which section you have to heat in order for things to start working?

Just a guess off the top of my head, but it might be a cracked solder joint somewhere that needs to be heated up a bit to expand and make a connection.

Edit: adict2jane beat me to the punch. :slight_smile:


I’m curious as to why you ever thought of using a hair dryer in the first place? :confused:



I would check the pins and/or connection on the motherboard where the wires from the power on button is connected.


I used hair dryer on where the reset and power on button is INSIDE the motherboard. And the reason i used hair dryer is because nothing was working.




Can anyone plz offer some advice. thanks


I’m not sure we have any more to add. You seem to have a physical problem in the motherboard near the on-switch pins, or in the connectors or wires that hook up to those pins. You’ll have to physically inspect the area for any cracks in the solder or check the connections.

The other option is to leave the computer on full time. This will use more electricity but won’t hurt the computer. Many people leave them running constantly.