Problem Capturing Analog in Pinnacle Studio 9

I just bought Studio 9, along with the Dazzle DVC-90…i hooked everything up correctly: Dazzle to USB (tried all four ports), RCA’s from camcorder to dazzle. I have a Sony Handycam Vision Hi8 TRV68 analog model. Now in the program i set the capture source to the dvc-90, and the capture format to mpeg (i also tried avi)…Now after everything is ready to go, i start the capture but i get no streaming preview, and now scene previews AT ALL!..And when the capture has completed, there is nothing to show for, and nothing saved on my hard drive. i tried capturing it while the camcorder is playing the video, and ive tried capturing it over and over, using different usb ports, in avi format, etc…Now ive read about a ‘green screen’ issue…im NOT facing anything of that nature, the preview screen just stays black. Any help at all???

and i just closed the pinnacle studio9 program, and tried re-plugging the usb cable from the dvc-90 into each of my four usb ports, and for each one i plugged it in, a pop-up message appeared that said the port was a usb 1.1 connection, and the dvc-90 needed a usb 2.2 port to work…but all four of my ports are usb 1.1!!! whats going on? my computer is a 2000 model compaq presario desktop with windows xp home edition…very confused…

I don’t understand what you are confused about. The software is telling you that it is looking for usb 2.2, and your system is only usb 1.0. In other words, your system is too slow. You can’t capture with any possibility of attaining quality without at least usb 2, or firewire. If your device is uncapable of firewire, I would consider looking for a firewirecard, or an external capture device. I would recommend the plextor, ads pyro a/v link, or canopus avdc 100.

you said i should get an external capture device…thats what i got, the Dazzle DVC-90…that is what im trying to connect to the USB port…if my system is too slow for that, why would another one work? and can you explain what firewire exactly is? and if that will for sure work with an analog camcorder…which has an s-video hook up and an 1/8th inch wire hook up…

okay i just went and exchanged the Dazzle dvc-90 for the dvc-80, which only requires a usb1.1 port…how do i access the usb control panel to install new hardware?

Your new device should be automatically detected when you turn it on. I’m not sure that will solve your problem, as usb 1.1 is not a recommended method for capturing. Most good quality external capture devices have connections for firewire, usb2.0, and composit (rca) plugs. Dazzle units are very low end. A Plextor capture unit or a radeon all-in-wonder card are about as low end as I would go. Either of those will do a very acceptable job.

Which Pinnacle 9 do you have? If you can exchange and get Pinnacle Studio AV/DV Version 9 with internal card that have analog (AV) as well as digital (firewire) inputs, your problem will be solved. Currently going cheap $47 at bestbuy since Studio 10 is out yesterday.

Harley, I bought an ADS Tech Pyro A/V Link yesterday (2-11-06) but haven’t opened the box yet. My computer has firewire capability and 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 with 512MB SDRAM memory. Do you think my computer will handle the task of converting old VHS tapes to DVD using a burner? Have you heard anything about the “ADS Instant DVD 2.0”? If so, is it better or worse than the Pyro Link?

The av/link is a more semi-profession model, whereas the ads instant dvd is aimed at the home user. Capture via firewire is much better than using usb2.0. The steam is a more constant steady speed. Also, it is recommended to use a dedicated PCI firewire card, and not to use the onboard firewire ports. However, I have used the onboard firewire ports on my dell8400, and have gotten the same results as using the dedicated ads firewire card on my dell xps. But others have reported getting more dropped frames using onboard firewire. It could be firmware related, chipset related, or a host of others reasons, but regardless, it works ok on my setup. I’ve been using my AV/Link for almost 2 years, and the only dropped frames I ever get, are the black frames between one recording session and another.

I also stated that you needed a firewire card. A dedicated PCI firewire card is best, but onboard works in many circumstances. Some people have reported more dropped frames using an onboard firewire card. You could also look into getting a PCI card which has USB2.0 for your capturing.

With a good setup (high power cpu, plenty of memory, and few background processes running), it is possible to get good high quality captures using usb2.0. But very few people report good success with this method, while there are a few that swear by it. Regardless, firewire transfer is the best and preferred method.