Problem: Can't read sector files

Hello, got a problem with Clone CD.

I go a CD-DVD from LITE-ON 52X. Wenn i try to copy a cd it always say things like this:

  • Problem to read sector 512
  • Problem to read sector 513
  • Problem to read sector 514
  • Problem to read sector 532

And so it goed always, so i stop it then. Not good i think.
What is the problem???

I got a Philips 400 series writer. The game i want
to copy is fs2002 CD-1…

Hope someone can help,


does it say
failed to red secktor …
if it does and you’re
using FES
its normal

Indeed completely normal. Your game is probably protected with SafeDisc 2 and this protection relies on errors. Your Philips shouldn’t have any problems with this protection. Just use the FES option like oaky_88 said (leave the Amplify Weak Sectors alone in this case since Philips can handle SD2) . You should get errors in the first 500~10.500 sectors. After that there shoudn’t be any more.