Problem: can't get DMA mode, only PIO mode for Lite-On DVDRW SSM-8515S

My new laptop’s “Lite-On Slimtype DVDRW SSM-8515S” drive reads/writes very slow, & kills the laptop performance (otherwise good). :sad:

I call it my “Lite-OFF” dvd drive.

Thanks to CDF members, Cressida & Womble, :clap: and this CDF thread,
“Slimtype SSW-8015S Read/playback problems,” I now know that my Secondary IDE Channel (per XP-Pro OS) is stuck in slow PIO mode. I tried all of Womble’s to get into fast DMA mode w/o success. :sad:

Reading “Troubleshooting: Enabling/Checking DMA in Windows…” from Womble suggests that my DVD and/or laptop is broken!?! A big $ OUCH! if true.

What can I do? :confused:

Will installing a new DVDRW into my laptop fix the slow R-W problem?

Your good ideas will earn my eternal gratitude! :bow:

You need an slimtype drive which is suitable for your Laptop and most important: comes with an appropriate firmware installed.

I do have a slimtype DVD drive…but IF it has “appropriate” firmware, how would I verify this?!?

I got the laptop from XoticPC-com whose tech support for my problem has been zer0 so far. They do have a software rev update webpage, but the DVD drive firmware is not listed there.

Do you suggest I try “LtnRPC” (from Lite-On) ??


Boot to BIOS
Check the transfer mode for all drives.
If they read PIO, change to DMA/UDMA or AUTO

WHY should I suggest that?
Your drive doesn’t work properly, has nothing to do with RPC…

Thanks, BUT, I ALREADY did that.

If you read the referenced posts in my original thread, you would have known this.

Sorry to hear about your problems c’estmoi. :sad:
Look for firmware update at your sellers site or at Lite-On, linky.

[I]@chef[/I], hope we are here to help each other… :confused:

Dear Chef,

I only asked about “LtnRPC” because you said I needed “appropriate firmware,” but did not say what or how to find it.

In March, CDF-er Cressida suggested, “For region free firmware…LtnRPC (from Lite-On)…may work with your slim drive.”

Lite-On shows a firmware ZIP file for my model, BUT NO DOWNLOAD LINK (#!%&@!#).

The laptop vendor, XoticPC-com, does not have the firmware either (they focus on $ale$, not support).

I fear using generic “LtnRPC” firmware because it may make things even worse.

So, if you know, please say what firmware and how to get it.

Dear pinot2,

WOW ! You are good!! Thanks for the working “linky” to Lite-On’s firmware download for my model.

When I searched their website, I was directed to a different page which had NO firmware download link.

I will try this firmware on my DVD …and hold my breathe it works (turning blue as I write this).

THANKS AGAIN, pinto2, for caring to help me, even if the firmware re-flash does not fix the DVD !!

Your halo is shining bright, amigo!!

OUCH !! The firmware I just downloaded from Lite-On gives this error msg:

“This [firmware] is only for Slimtype DVDRW SSM-8515S drive”
"Your detected drive is: Slimtype DVDRW SSM-8515S GSL1"
“No matched drive detected !”

Lite-On site says nothing about version “GSL1”.

BUT, luckily and sadly, many CDF-ers have my same problem–see: “

NOW my problem is how to understand all the new wierd stuff mentioned in that thread: FLASHFIX, UPX.EXE, hack GS08 and GS09 firmware

Maybe I should just learn rocket science brain surgery instead.

HOPEFULLY, one of the people in that thread have a good-2-go solution already. (Praying yet again)

:- ()

Happy to see you are on the “right” path [I]c’estmoi[/I]. :clap:

Seems like you have a OEM drive that can’t be flashed with original Lite-On SSM-8515S firmware. But that problem is easy to overcome, [B]although you drives warranty will be voided when flashing with non “L” firmware.[/B]
[B]Note.[/B] Don’t procede if you can’t risk your drive/warranty!

To start with back up your current firmware with this utility. Save that extracted .bin file at least in 2 examples at safe location, (not only on your HDD).

Then download this “flashfixed” firmware and flash your drive with it. Restart lappy and make sure your drive is working and recognized with “GS08”.

Finally, flash with that above linked Lite-On 8515S GS09 firmware. :wink:

Thanks, gracias, danke, bedankt, merci, arigato, gratzi, etc. !!!

DVD problem FIXED !! ;-D Thanks pinto2, et al !

What actually worked was something easy that Womble (or Cressida?) suggested in an old CDF thread…uninstall the Secondary IDE Channel (=DVD), reboot & let Win re-install it.

It didn’t work the first time I tried it, but it did the second time!! Praise god, allah, life and intelligent, kind people on CDF!

So, after 10 months of a worthless DVD drive, a worthless vendor (I will never buy a computer from Xoticpc-com again in this life), and 150+ hours of searching the internet for info, I finally have a working laptop.

Perfect timing, since Monday is my birhtday!

Good luck to all !

Another solution is Here:

The VB script they refer to is safe and all it does is reset the IDE controllers.

Apparently Microsoft made the ide controllers block out DMA if there are to many DMA errors. unfortunately errors can occur from badly written software or even while installing windows as well as file corruption. So I think this little script is a handy tool to have.

I am bald from tearing my hair out over this PIO problem this solution worked for me YOU may have the same problem, may not, can’t hurt to try.