Problem Burnt DVDs line across surface

hey guys, girls :slight_smile:

i’m not a newbie to the media world, just i’ve never registered to post on this forum before… but something has happened lately and it’s confussed the $@!%& out of me…

before i start to create my dvd, i check the disk for problems, potholes, pit marks scratch’s defaced writing area etc… and the dvd media looks fine
but no matter how many times even at differnent speeds burning data to the dvd disc, the disc comes out with a very very fine scratch mark that goes from outer edge of the dvd halfway into the middle of the disc,
i’ve tried testing again with 5 more of the same dvd-r’s and every single time the dvd burns with this very fine line… i’ve even tried another burner and it’s still doing the same… anyone experienced this before? or anything similar,

the media im using is DataWrite RED (V3) 4.7GB 4x DVD-r

when i burn a data cd, (hard drive backup upto 4.30GB)

thanks hope someone can shed some light upon this strange problem

Is the data readable? Sounds like your burner is up the creek. But the fact that it happens with another burner is strange. The only common denominator is the media, try another brand and see what happens. I have had an out of balance disc shred a drive, but your problem is very subtle.