Problem burnning CD with Nero


OK first my PC config: AMD Athlon XP +1800, 512 DDR Ram, 40GB HDD & 80 GB HDD, OS Windows XP Proffesional SP1, Sony 52x CD-ROM, Sony 48x12x42 CD-RW.

Now my problem:

Some info, when I had Sony 24x10x32 CD-RW, everything was perfect, burned CD’s in about 3.5 - 4 min. Was using Nero 5.5x.x some version & CDMate Deluxe no problem!

Then I bought Sony 48x12x42 CD-RW, then it began:confused:
First of all can’t run Roxio Easy CD Creator Platinum 5, tried all updates, including newes one 5.3.2 or something like that. Gives me an error when I start CD project, instalization error, or something like that and shuts the program down. Also tried to install thous ASPI layers didn’t help. Roxio worked before I switched to 48x12x42. Then the same problem with bouth Nero & CDMate, sometimes it writes CD’s with 48x speed (CD’s compatible with 48x wrighting speed) first of all it takes longer then it was with 24x CD-RW, about 6-10 min. second of all sometimes I can play that CD (mostly movies) sometimes it gives me error stating -Cicle redundancy error-, or shows as blan CD and I can’t open it and write no more. I throught away about 20 blanks already, it’s getting annoying:a So the best thing so far that I can do, is I’am writing at 24x speed (witch suck, becose why I bought 48x if I cant use it), and still it takes a lot longer then it took before with my 24x CR-RW, and also sometimes it writes goog sometimes no( but errors are less ocuring then when I’am burning with 48x speed), can’t open it, can’t play movies.

so I dont know if it’s problem with software or hardware ( maybe I should post this in hardware section:confused: )

please HELP:bow:

P.S. Sorry about my english, it’s not my birth language!


What is the model number of your Sony Drive? It isn’t really a 42x speed, is it? :wink:

Uninstall the ASPI layer that you installed. It isn’t needed and may cause problems.

If you are getting an Engine Initialization Failure message, you can find a fix at I am getting Engine Initialization Error with Easy CD Creator 5.0x..

Make sure that DMA is enabled for the Sony following the procedure in Device Settings Are Hard to Find in Windows XP.

Once the software setup is put in order, then you will be able to determine if the burner is defective. The CRC (cyclical redundancy check) errors message can be caused by a defective IDE cable. Try installing a new, good quality IDE cable for the burner conncection. It would also be a good idea to try a different brand of high quality media.

My drive is: Sony CRX 210A1 48x12x48

Well about that ASPI layer it didn’t worked before installing it!

I’ll try to do thous thing in thous links, I don’t think I have that virus do, I scan my computer freacvuntly!

But thous other things myght work, thanks for replay!

Let you know what happend.

Ok I tried thous thiong, first one worked just fine I dont get Engine Instalization error anymore, but now I get another one, something about (Fault memory at addresses Bla bla bla:confused:
But that’s Ok I gave up on Easy CD Creator F him:)

I’ll tired Burnatonce, works pritty well, but I still having problems with writing CD’s, but now I’am pretty shure it’s not a software, It’s hardware, so now I’am gonna try to flash my CD-RW, hope it helps!

Thanks for help!

OK got my problem straightendout:D

Flashet to LiteON, works like a charm:cool: