Problem burning

im having a problem i dont know if its the discs or me burnerss i have an external dvd rw and an internal one but neither will burn these discs except on the external one will only when i decrease the write speed to *2 but then the discs dont work in the pc,s dvd drive wont even read but my mate uses the same discs and his pc is alot less advanced than mine older also this is the error i get with vso

What burners do you have and what operating system? What discs are you using?

I’d guess your NEC doesn’t like those MBI discs. Try some Verbatim discs, or HP branded -Rs and see how you go. :slight_smile:

You’re using an older firmware on your NEC AD-3500AG drive. You could try updating the firmware and I would suggest Liggy’s 2.1B bitsetting firmware here. You’ll also need Binflash available here to flash the firmware to your drive.

There’s always a tiny chance of something going wrong when flashing firware to your drive, but it very rarely goes wrong. The choice is yours.