Problem burning




Reinstalled windows, and a new video card. Neither my DVD/Cd burner (NEC) or CD burner combo drive (lite-on 48161h) will work. .

Also, my computer takes FOREVER to come up. I have the ABIT NF7-S motherboard, and NF7-S drivers installed…could it be these?

It was fine before I reinstalled… I thought maybe it was a power issue so I replaced my power supply with a 430watt ANTEC–didn’t help.

Any ideas?


WXP? Format the hard drive and reload windows, again with the drives connected to the motherboard. I would also reset the CMOS prior to wiping the hard drive.

Don’t load any special drivers, yet. Test to make sure the optical drives and boot time are nominal.


Sorry, my computer boots just fine… the actual My Computer icon on the desktop (Windows XP) is what takes forever…


Try to delete the IDE channel from the device manager. Then reboot. If all goes well, the IDE channel is redetected along with the devices connected to it.


I will try this. Let me explain more of what is happening: I can see the drives and read CDs, when I try to burn the CD burner just starts spinning and uses 75+% of my CPU…eventually it will fail.

When I select audio CD in nero, it also takes a little bit for the window to come up.

Last, not sure if it is related but when I play mp3’s in winamp, they occassionally skip as my CPU hits 100% usage, for no reason.

That is what led me to believe it could have to do with the NF7-S drivers from nvidia…I use the software IDE driver they built- I am also going to try removing this.

Thanks for the ideas… any others are sure welcome!!!


The NVidia IDE drivers are known troublemakers. I wouldn’t be wondered if reverting back to the MS drivers (by deleting the channel, autodetect will do the rest) solves your problem. Also, check if DMA is enabled for your drive. You can check so in the properties of your IDE channels.


You aren’t kidding. Everything is working perfect after I got rid of those damn Nvid IDE drivers.

Thanks for the info and everyone’s help, appreciate it!