Problem burning

I recently had to reinstall windows xp pro as a result of me buying new components however I kept my old CDRW and DVDRW. Once I had installed windows and set it up I tried burning a CD using nero however it got to exactly 50% and then justs stops there for 30mins+.
I have tried burning numerous things.
I have tried both my CDRW drive and my DVDRW drive
Reinstalled windows again.
Tried two types of disk which worked perfectly on my old PC.
Burnt using nero and the windows media player burner (the windows media player burner came up with an error something like make sure the disk isn’t dirty)

My system spec is
1.75 Ghz AMD ATHLON XP 2200
120 Gb HDD
512 Mb DDR RAM
128 Mb Graphics Card.

To me it sounds like it is a system error as the problem occurs on both my CDRW and DVDRW which worked perfectly before. Maybe its a setting or something.

If anyone knows what the problem is and how to fix it could you please let me know.