Problem:burning would not stop if used read buffer too low(1653)



Recently, my burner(liteon 1653 at cs0m) have a problem.
When it burned MCC004 at 16x(using NERO), USED READ BUFFER would decline below 10%(even if I burn mcc003 at 8x, if USED READ BUFFER declined below 10%, my problem would happen too), then the burner would never stop unless I stop NERO(process status keep one value and the burner continue working)
btw, BUFFER LEVEL would not decline when used read buffer declined.


The burner does not stop rotating the disc when its buffers run out, it only turns off the laser. If you have a standard lite-on drive, the light will not turn to another color when it goes into a buffer underrun. So dont worry, its not ruining your disc, only saving time until it gets some data to burn.


But even if the USED READ BUFFER was full again, laser would not work any more


well - that is an alignment issue - it happened to me too - seems like the buffer fills, but the liteon happens not to be ready to write for some reason (like cannot align the link position) or the last block written was bad, and it couldn;t link. It usually hangs there. Try other firmware, discs, or lower speeds still.