Problem burning with LDW-401s

I upgraded my firmware to the 811s using the guides given about a month or 2 ago and have been burning without a drama for ages. Then all of a sudden last week I just couldn’t burn anymore. I have used dvdshrink, nero, dvd decrypter and clonedvd and they all come up with a fail message when the disc is almost complete. On the rare occasion when I have managed to get dvd decrypter to do an ISO read and write for a DVD-5 movie it would say complete when the burning process was done but the dvd would still not play in either the pc or my 3 other dvd players. I tried to do a str8 copy using decrypter of a burnt movie i did a while ago and it did the same thing, got to almost the end and came up with a message saying burn process failed. Any ideas? I can burn anything else, but dvd movies for some reason.

I have nearly the same system and 411S@811S using DVD Shrink and Nero, I believe some has happen with your system setup and configuration try to use DVD-RW and do some burn testing using backup or just copy process to burn some data from your hard drive in to DVD-RW to find out if the burner (your DVD Writer) still is Ok. If you were able to burn data into disc then try to use your windows restore function and take your system back about a month ago when you didn’t have this problem, may be that would give a clue what has happen. Otherwise may be the writer is just gone dead as far as writing process.

I formatted my drive last night and reinstalled evrything again this morning. I tried using clonedvd which never worked b4 and now it works. I burnt 2 movies using a + and a - disc and they came out perfectly. But dvd decrypter still doesn’t burn properly. So at this stage I think I’ll just use clonedvd and see how I go.