Problem burning with dvdfab

Hi I’m new at this, I downloaded the trial copy of dvdfab and so far I think its great I was using dvd shrink and dvd decryptor but with all the new protection there not very good anymore anyway I’m having problems burning when I leave it set to VSO burning engine I cant watch the movie, when I switch it to nero burn the program tells meTask 2 error 16 writeing failed but when I check the dvd it seems fine the whole movie is there What am I doing Wrong???:confused:

What other burning programs do you have running in the task bar??? You can’t watch and burn at the same time. You should do one thing at a time. You should’ve download dvdfab plat version that gives you more options. I use dvdfab plat with vso burning set but that causes me no problems watching and playing dvds.

Download imgburn and set dvdfab up to use it as the burning engine also it a free program. Also in imgburn under tools-settings-build put a check next to Don’t Prompt Image Details.

Hi Thanks for getting back I just noticed dvd decryptor is running in the backround, I did download dvdfab platinum, and I’m not trying to watch and burn at the same time, like you said one thing at a time

Thanks GJ where do I get imgburn?

You could get it here.

[quote=beef barley;2176216]You could get it here.[/quote]
Thanks beef, I forgot some people not know how to use google

Your welcome johnnydvd and google is your friend

thanks guys just being stupid!!!

No worries.

ok guys I did everything you said and still it wont write I’m useing Ridata -r discs I have never had a problem with these before where do I go from here???

Well this is how I do it for single layer, movie only. Posts #67 to #74, but please also read Post #78 & ask any questions here. BTW, recommended single layer blank media is Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.