Problem burning with Dvd decryter




I am having trouble burning DVDs.
I have tried re-flashing the drives and that did not seem to work.
I am using the system this way.
1, DVD Shrink encodes then DVD Decrypter burns the movie.
I also have 2 DVD burning in my system, same make and model.
What us to take 35mins to encode now takes over 51mins.
What use to take 10mins to burn now takes up to and hour.
What device is the master and one is the slave.
Is there any way to correct this issue?
Also note that the Buffer in dvd decrypter is always at 100% the
Device buffer jumps from 46% to 74% no higher.


First thing to do is check the DMA status of your drives. Look through this thread to learn how to check DMA.

Once we have you back to burning properly, you might also want to look at a program called ImgBurn. It is written by the same man who wrote DVDDecrypter, and is an updated version of the burning section in Decrypter.


i agree with Kerry56 … cause ImgBurn is much better than dvd decrypter when burning since it’s still being developed unlike DVD Decrypter which i think got ‘shut down’ in early 2006 ish or so by the ‘higher ups’ ;( … damn shame to cause that program was THE BEST out there and it was free to … a damn shame, but what are you gonna do :wink: