Problem burning with BW

I just bought the latest version of Blindwrite and it’s not playing nice with me.
I’ve managed to install it and activate it. But when I try to burn cd’s BW hangs at 100% and never finishes the disc. I have to kill BW in the task manager to close it. I’ve tried different images and several cd’s to no avail. I also let my computer on over night standing at 100% just to see if it would finish given time… When I click on cancel the log says media changed, please insert correct media.
I got winxp x64 fully updated, a Plextor 716 dvd burner, 2Gb system mem, an Athlon 64 X2 cpu etc etc…

Anybody got any advice to what I can try next??

At the moment there seems to be a bug which prevents the disc from being properly finalized on Plextor drives. We’re looking into that issue…

Thanks, at least I’m not going nuts. :wink: Let me know if I can send in any logs or something to help.

Hi there,

VSO just released a new ßeta version [B]v6.0.0.17[/B] to fix the Plextor issues:

BlindWrite -


  • 0000244: [Bug] fail to burn with plextor premium
  • 0000246: [Bug] Media not closed after burning
  • 0000243: [Suggestion] Blindwrite v6.0.0.16: Save window position and log window location on close.
  • 0000242: [Suggestion] Blindwrite v6.0.0.16: Process Bar Location

If there is any issues, please contact:

[B]claire @[/B]

Yup, that fixed the problem. Now I can burn with BW6 again! :slight_smile:

And VSO was kind enough to supply me with a BW5 licence since I was having problems with BW6 so it’s all good!