Problem burning with BenQ 1620

Ok …I installed this burner on my HP pavilion 1.5gh machine with 384 ram. It burns CDs fine, but it want burn dvds. The software goes thru the whole process of reading the data(data or rips) then aborts when it starts to write to the dvd. Ive tried both Nero 6.6 and Windvd…both do the same thing. The media is Platinum +R 4.7 1-8x. Im leaning towards trying another media like Philips +RW…am I on the right track? TIA


Are you using normal nero for dvd copy/data dvd or using nero vision express?
I have had problems like this with vision express but never nero.

Is the full version of Nero…not express. I also have tried Roxio with the same result.

Your going to have to check device drivers that are installed on your system. It’s a known problem the ROXIO doesn’t clean itself up on uninstall. Get rid of the Roxio device drivers and all your problems with Nero and other burning software will go bye bye…

-Use quality media. Made in Japan if possible.

-Go to and download CloneDVD and AnyDVD. Let AnyDVD run in the background when you backup DVDs. If you can backup movies, then you should be able to burn data.

Thanks guys, I have tried anydvd and clonedvd with same results…everything works fine till you get down to the actual burn…then it abort. Anyway, think Ill try different media first…if that doesnt work Ill trash Roxio and go from there.

I like to use DVD+RW media for testing. You can find a 2 pack Sony/RicohJpn W11 4X DVD+RW media at Target for about $5. This media works well with most DVD burners. Have over 80 full burns on one disc.

You should always have more than one brand of media. Get a few brands and try it again :slight_smile: I advise you to get the following: Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Sony, TDK.