Problem burning with 411S

I have been burning dvd-r memorex and dvd+R memorex 4x and dvd+r 2.4x philips discs for many months now and the discs mostly will play on my standalone dvd players philips and apex but I cannot get the discs to play on any of my dvd roms on my computers they stutter and hang. I ran recently ran dvdinfo on the discs to check for read errors and it seems on all my discs regardless of the type I use I am getting read errors scattered thru out the discs but mostly towards the end. I am using the latest firmware from liteon. Is my liteon drive bad or is it expected to always have some read errors on burned discs on dvdinfo.


If this problem has just suddenly manifested, then I would guess that your burner may be on the way out my friend…sorry to say. Had the same thing happen to my Ricoh but it was more sudden. Unfortunately, burners don’t last anywhere near as long as they should.

You could also have a driver or software problem. You need to give us more information about your drive and the system it is running on. How it is connected to the system and what software you are using. Mother board chipset, hard drive size and free space on the drive.

Some things to try. Make sure it is the master secondary drive and remove devices on the same IDE, for now.

Do a drive defag and make sure you aspi is working proper and is v4.60. Make sure you have the latest motherboard drivers and burning software.

Try other burning software. Run all of your test using Nero CD-DVD Speed to burn and check the results. It available here. Start off by using a new 4x DVD+RW disc (Verbatim, Sony, Ricoh, Philips…). This will save cost, sorting out the problem.