Problem Burning with 2 48x TDKs using Discjuggler

I have a 2.0 GHZ computer with 1024 DDR Memory and i have 2 TDK internal 48x Burner. When i burn at the same time with 2 burners at 24x it freezes at the end and it says one finshes and 1 rejected and the program freezes up ? Can anyone help or have any suggestions thanks!!!

In Options | Defaults is Buffer underrun prevention enabled (for multiple drives)?

In Options | Job | Multiple Drive Selection, select “Drive must be of the same make and model and have the same firmware”.

The dual burning may work better with the drives on different IDE cables if not already configured that way.

There was an item on the news section on the main page of this site about a month ago, think they had the drives on seperate ide controllers to get it to work right. Myself i gave up trying with discjuggler/ide even though it works perfect with scsi. I find the latest versions of Nero work well for multi burning, even with different drives.