Problem burning win2k pro - tilda in file name?

bits o’ weirdness. …
I’m able to install win2k pro from the file on my hard drive I crossloaded from a friend’s comp, but when I try to install from a burned cd, some files cannot be read from the cd, or from files copied from the cd to the hard drive. this happens even though I’m burning at x4 on a x12 burner (tdk, ok so far) and I’ve had nero verify the files. the files that cause problems are very small, under 1k. also, I’m not sure about this, but I think the files have a ~ , a tilda, in their name, like . are there settings in nero I have to change?
abundant thanks, rose petals to yuz fellow freaks.

you sure you turned on hidden files??

thanks for taking a shot, but the hidden property isn’t the problem. I think the deal is that nero is turning the ~ in some file prefixes into a _. winoncd writes them properly. I’ll try another installation later this evening, and will also see if I can figure out what setting in nero is at fault.

wilma! you’ve helped me once again, and it probably won’t be the last time. thanks, you’re great.
looking at the iso again through isobuster, though, the ~s are already there. so it was a problem with the original copy, it seems.

got this from Nero help:

“You must make sure you have the Joliet format selected, or it will change
the Tilde to the underscore. As the ISO9660 format demands this.”

that tells the tale.