Problem burning wedding crashers

Using Clone DVD and Any DVD but about half way through error pops up.
I’ve also tried DVD Decrypter and DVD Srink.

what version numbers of your software are you using?

what does the error say?

halfway through what?

if it’s during ripping…
is the disc dirty or scratched?
have you tried it in a different drive?
have you tried the spped control on anydvd?

if it’s during burning…
what kind of burner do you have
what firmware?
What’s the brand, type, rated speed, and media ID on the discs you’re using? (ex. Fujifilm 8x DVD+R YUDENT000T02)

if you want help, you’re going to have to give us more than “i got an error”

do you have the latest anydvd and clonedvd2 from If you use them you should have no problem copying wedding crashers. The disk is new but check for fingermark or dirt, scratches on the dvd. You dont say what the specs of your computer are? Did you defrag lately or is dma set correctly?

no use in guessing at solutions if the original poster can’t be bothered to tell us what the error is or even when it occurs.

I’m using clone DVD and anyDVD during ripping an error says that clone DVD can’t continue then says (clone 0TCE) at exactly 46%. also the disc has no fingerprints or scratches

try to burn the disc at a lower speed…

Try lower Speed or it may be your media as well that is causing the errors I have gotten half way thru a 50 pack only to come accross many errors when trying to complete a burn

no it’s not his media. he said the problem was during ripping. his media hasn’t been touched

sounds like you have a faulty disc. even though it may look clean give it a good wipedown.

try ripping from another drive (some drives are better readers than others)

try using anydvd’s speed control settings and setting it to “slow & quiet.” sometimes this slows down the ripping process enough for the software to rip through the error.

DVD Decrypter has a very good reputation for ripping problem discs. This might be worth looking into.

Your Disc is R1, right? I’m ruling out a copy protection issue because I was able to rip that disc with the same software and versions that you’re using.

try the above suggestions, and let us know how it goes! good luck :slight_smile:

Exactly reasonsnotrules good thinking! Some people must be having trouble telling the difference between burning and ripping when they read the post.

Bh3069 try and rip it with something like UltraISO I seen the same problem before some times can happen if there is fault or Error in the DVD and if your DVD Drive is not a good reader.

Very good point! I had to remove my Sony 1615 and replace it with a 4550! The 1615 was not the best reader for me! Also try DVDFab Decrypter and Shrink! That has worked on everything so far and Shrink worked on that movie by itself!

Bottom line is we need more info to help you! Please update your FW on your reader or try your burner to read it!