Problem burning Verbatim MCC 004 with BenQ DW1655 BCHB (Verbatim MMC 004 crap?)

I have a Benq 1655 burner. I tried burning at 8x and 16x. Both takes roughly 14 minutes to complete. My TY T02 only takes 8 minutes to complete at 8x. Is this a bad batch?

I just noticed that when it reaches about 35%. The Remaining time goes to 00:00:00 while the elapsed time continues to go up.

Which firmware version are you using on your BenQ drive?
Is SolidBurn for known media enabled or disabled?
Have you made any quality scans of these discs? Could you post them?
Could we please see a “Create Disc” or similar write graph of such a burn?

It’s not meaningful to try to answer your question unless you provide us with some more information! :slight_smile:

Benq 1655 firmware: BCHB

The quality is not bad. But still don’t know why it takes 12 minutes to burn at 12x. My TY discs only takes 7 minutes to burn at 8x.

Update to the latest version of CD/DVD speed and use the ccreate a disc test and post what you get from that one.

Seems to be stuck at 4.02x when writing. Bad burner?

You are experiencing a problem that several others have experienced after “upgrading” to BCHB firmware. :frowning:
See this thread.

You can also see why I downgraded to BCGB after having the same problem and some far worse problems with BCHB.

The choice is yours.

Yup, that solved that issue. I downgraded to BCGB and I burnt a disc at 16x and it took around 5 minutes. BIG difference!

I changed the title of this thread to better reflect the content. :slight_smile:

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So it seems that it’s a widespread issue with BCHB! :doh:

Why not make a sticky warning users about BCHB?

Had the same problem with 1655 and BCHB.

MCC004 “made in India” only burn 4x.

MCC004 “made in Taiwan” burn fullspeed.

SB, WOPC both standard settings.

“made in India”, when burnded, also leave an entry in the Solidburn database for learned media, “made in Taiwan” don’t.

Qualityscores for “made in Taiwan” are better, at least with the media i get here in Germany.

For anyone who wants to know why I don’t use BCHB anymore, have a look in this post.

I am still very new to this Benq Drive, how do I revert back to the previous firmware?

You run the firmware upgrading program for the previous firmware just like you would when upgrading to a newer version, even though you are technically downgrading the firmware.

OK so I just got this drive and only have the upgrade program for the newest (BCHB) firmware. Will this link
work for the previous firmware upgrade, or do yal have a link for it somewhere else?

I am sorry for asking really dumb questions here, I have searched for a better link but this is the only one I can find for the past firmware.


If you can read or navigate the chinese website you link to, then you can get BCGB and BCDB firmware from there. :iagree:

Direct links to download firmware: BCGB , BCDB

And for all the rest of us, not able to read chinese, latest firmwares are announced in this thread. :wink: