Problem burning TYG02 on LiteOn SOHW-832S

Bought these TYs from
Burned with Nero DVD-Video at 4X. These are my results. I’m not happy at all with these, I would like my PIEs below 40. :disagree: I’m going to fiddle around with my burner firmware, and try some others speeds as well. I’ll post back shortly.

Try burning them at 8x instead of 4x.

Here’s one I justed burned with Nero at 8X :Z My burner usually burns DVDs better at 8X. I didn’t even bother letting it finish scanning. Either these discs suck, or my Lite-On really doesn’t like 'em right now.

The 832S doesn’t burn TYG02 all that great. You may actually want to try Verbatim 8x DVD-R (MCC 02RG20); I’ve had better results with those and the 832S in the past. Barring that, you may want to pick up a new 18x or 20x burner since they’re about the same price as a 100 disc spindle of TY DVD-R :slight_smile:

Um… apparently not. O_o I’ve used Verbatim MCC before, the media code is MCC002, edit and I burned it with my Lite-On, and I produced the scan results you see below two years after the actual burn.The reason I bought TY is because everyone praises them, and because I just recently found out all my RitekG05 are degrading as we speak. There has to be a way for me to get similar results out of these TYs I just bought. I’m really getting tired of chucking media I just bought. I think I’m going to do some firmware changes and see what happens. Just out of curiosity, where could I purchase MCC002 say if I wanted to get some now?

No idea about finding MCC002 as that’s 4x DVD+R and those are long gone from retail stores. MCC003 might be a better fit, 8x DVD+R, but even those are hard to find in B&M stores, though they’re still easily obtained online.

Ok. I wanted to see first what my 2x scan was like, and now that I did, clearly I can move on to do the firmware changes. This scan disturbs me… :rolleyes:

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Ok, same TYG02 now burned with my Emprex/BTC burner with Nero at 8X. What’s up with these discs? Quality change? :frowning:

BTCs are not good burners anyway.
Your LiteOn may be a more accurate scanner than the “DVDRW IDE 16X A187”.

Here’s the same exact disc, but scanned with my Lite-On. :eek:
Well… I guess I’ll keep messing around with my Lite-On’s firmware. Although I’m really beginning to wonder about these discs.

Well… It seems to be getting better, the first quarter has bad PIEs, but it drops down. This scan is of a PS2 game that I used Alcohol 120% at 8X to burn. I don’t know what else to do differently but not buy this media anymore, unless I figure out a way to correct this somehow. Maybe I’ll buy a different burner, but I really don’t think that’s going to change much. Does anyone think the reason I’m having problems with this media is because I’m using TY Value line (100-pk $25CAN) “TYG02”, and not normal TY like “YUDEN000T02”?? Would there be a big difference? :confused:

TYG02 is Taiyo Yuden’s 8x DVD[B]-[/B]R.
YUDEN000 T02 is Taiyo Yuden’s 8x DVD[B]+[/B]R.
Older LiteOn burners preferred DVD+R over DVD-R, so you may have more luck with YUDEN000 T02.

Ah ok. Thanks kg_evilboy. Would you be able to recommend a really good DVD burner that I should consider buying? I don’t mind if the burner you have in mind would require a firmware change, I just want to buy one that will give me really low errors. :slight_smile:
Thanks again,

^LG H42N, Pioneer 111.Both are excellent drives.

If you want burn quality: LG Hx2x, Pioneer 11[B]2[/B] (111 if you can find it at a good price).
If you want to do quality tests: LiteOn, Plextor, Samsung (?).

Ok. Thanks for the help guys. I came to the conclusion that this drive simply doesn’t like TYG02s. So I decided to go with another Lite-On, based on a few scans people posted from it. It doesn’t have the best results, but I think its promising. I picked it up today, the Lite-On LH-20A1S 20X burner. First burn, and it gave me score 93, Max PIF 3 and Max PIE 38. Which is acceptable, but I think with some firmware tinkering, it’ll be even better. I’ll post some scans later in the LH-20A1S thread. Thanks again for the advice, :slight_smile:

A PI cliff in the first 8-10% or so of a TYG02 burn with an 832S is typical and nothing to worry about. Ther burnt disc will play just fine. :slight_smile:

True, but the burns aren’t consistent. Sometimes I’ll burn at 8x and it scans and Ill get some real bad PIFs like 20 or sometimes more and I’ve created a coaster. Most of the time I’ll know if its a bad burn because if my drive doesn’t spin up properly in the start up 10 secs spin of the quality test, its because there’s some bad errors. Sometimes a bad disc will show up to 80 PIFs but if i rescan the disc, and it spins up better (in the 10 sec start up spin) then it’ll report more like 10-20 PIFs on the exact same disc and speed. Either way, it is a 2nd Gen burner, and it’s been really good to me, but now it’s got a partner, the LH-20A1S :slight_smile: My new YUDEN000 T02 (which I ordered from yesterday) arrived today, and I didn’t pay for faster shipping O_o, they’re quick. Anyways, I’m going to see how my 832S likes the them. But as for the TYG02, they’re unwelcome in my 832S. The only firmware I didn’t try on my this burner (Originally an 802S) is the 812s firmware, which outdated and thus don’t think it’ll matter. All is good now, since my new Litey likes 'em.

My 832S doesn’t like TY 8x media either. I too have the same problems as you do. I bought YUDEN000 T02 DVD+R 8x media in the hopes that it would give me a very high quality burn, but in fact, the burns are mediocre at best. I am just about ready to retire my 832S as a new burner will only set me back about $40, and since I still have plenty of the TY media, I figure that is a better way to spend the money. I am attaching a scan of a T02 disc I just created (at 8x) using Nero CD-DVD Speed and then run a quality test on.

By the way, how did the new media do on your new LiteOn you just bought?