Problem burning TY media?



Awhile back I snagged one of the 100 pack cakes of Taiyo-Yuden (branded as Fujifilm) from Best Buy when they were on sale. They scan as YUDEN000T02, and the cakepack looks like a TY pack.

But every single DVD I’ve burned on them has been a coaster. No errors while burning, but a standalone DVD player will only play, at most, 10 minutes of whatever I’ve burned. Same goes for my DVD-ROM and even the same burner that was used to record the disc. When using HP or Sony media (the only other brands I’ve used) I always get a readable disc.

Any ideas? The drive is a LiteOn LDW-401S (running whatever firmware it shipped with), purchased new last fall. Burning with Nero, also tried CloneDVD2 with the same results. I’ve attached a scan of one of the TY burns (DVD Video). I have no idea how to interpret what’s on the graph, so a little help :bigsmile:


Early 401S firmwares were extremely bad.
Update your firmware and update your Nero version.


Thanks. Found out I was running revision E of the firmware, just updated it to M.

I wound up having to do a full reinstall of everything from scratch last night as well - explorer.exe got trashed, along with my registry… gotta love power failures. So we’ll see if I can successfully burn with the TY media now.

<edit>Just seems weird that I only had problems using TY media… but burns with lower grade media came out fine. I’m doing a burn now on the TY to see what happens.


Thanks for the info - the firmware did the trick :smiley: