Problem burning to DVD-R



Hey there, wondering if ne1 could help me out. Heres my problem after converting my films using cyberlink powerproducer i try to burn the movie to disc using cyberlink PowerDVD copy or DVDShrink but they fail to burn saying that theres not enough space on the disc, i dont know if i need to change a setting or not, the discs i have are Ritek G05 8x DVD-R and my burner is a Samsung TS-E552 dual layer burner, i have the most recent nero and have it updated but dont know if it will work ne advice will be appreciated :slight_smile: tommy


Doesn’t PowerProducer do the whole job including the burn? Is PowerProducer maybe assuming a DL/DVD9 disc when authoring and you are using a DVD5 blank?


Try to set dvd5 as target format.


yeah mysticeyes but it doesnt burn to the disc, powerproducer - usually i put 3 full length films to to i use powerproducer to make the disc into a 8.4 format then i use powerdvd copy to shrink the 8.7 into a 4.7 format for burning, the problem is that half way it stops burning and the time counter starts to count up instead on down


Think i might have sussed out the problem, the discs are 4.6800gb, would changing powerdvd copy’s autofit to the disc size work ???


That’s what we are saying, just as Nero has a DVD5 and a DVD9 option depending on the blank.


ok thanx, soz not used to these kind of programs yet :slight_smile:


I Got PowerProducer OEM when I bought my Toshiba Gigasgot now it does not seem to work it hangs when loading any 1 else with same problems


tommybhoy: oem powerproducer isn’t one of the greatest (but it works). It came standard with my Systemax Venture Athlon 64 bit. I don’t reccomend using it unless you have to. If you have to you can reset the options to make everything fit.

JCRADDOCK: I’ve had mine hang as well. Might be because I’m running 64 bit. Like I told tommybhoy I don’t use it unless I have to. That’s not to often.


RiTEK G05 are timebomb media for a start. You will be lucky if they last a couple of months unless you somehow got a miracle batch, and even then I would not trust them.

Also, dvd’s have a capacity of 4.37Gb maximum in real terms (actual bytes), and even that is pushing it unless you have primo quality media. A lot of cheaper media has serious issues toward the outside of the disk, so either test your media or be careful how much you put on it.

One other thing, the software you are using, and especially the dual process you use…can you say “worst copies ever”? If you are happy with the quality of your reshrunk 3 on 1 dvd’s then I guess there’s not a lot to say, but I personaly would hesitate to put three on one even with low quality vhs source.


tommy, are you sure that it is not hard disk space that is not available? From what I gather, powerproducer needs temp space (a LOT) preparing the vids before actually doing the burn.


I also wonder how much free space on your hard drive and can you d/l a Trial of nero and try that.