Problem burning to dual layer disks

When using Nero7 to transcode a video file to a dual layer disk Nero does not recognize the disk as dual layer. When asked to read the blank disk Nero says that it is 8+ gig, but after transcoding the file, it will only write to a max of 4+ gig on the disk. The drive will backup a commercial dual layer disk using Nero copy, but not transcode using Nerovision. The drive is an LG.

I don’t think Nero’s too good at handling layer breaks. You might want to use a program like ImgBurn to make an ISO from your VOBs, set a workable layer break, and burn it to DVD.

Not only that, obviously the DL you have used is crap, aka not Verbatim.

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What brand of Double/Dual Layer media are you using?
As chef says, if you’re not using Verbatim, that could be your problem since it’s the most widely compatible DL media.

tropic’s suggestion of creating an “image” file with Nero and then burning it with ImgBurn might also help to fix the problem or at least figure out exactly where the problem occurs. Nero might create the file in the NRG format instead of ISO, but either can be burned with ImgBurn.

OK, to ask it straight: Which DL media have you used? The MID would be nice also.
You can find it out by using dvd.identifier.

Memorex DL-R

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Definitely try Verbatim DL as suggested (I’d go for +R DL).

I wouldn’t let any other DL near my burners :disagree:

That counts even more for DVD-R DL than DVD+R DL!!!

You imply that +R is better Is the +R recording process better than the -R process?

For DL, yes, yes, yes! I don’t know the technical details, but -R DL seems to be really problematic, at least up to this day. Maybe things will change, who knows.

I’ll second the others’ input, burn your images with IMGburn on +R DL Verbatim and enjoy. :cool:

IT’s mostly the booktype. Most +R dual layers are burned as ROM vs most dual layer -R’s as -R.

So basically, it’s a player issue, and -R DL use is OK if the player accepts -R DL? I kinda thought that the burning quality of -R DL was a problem, but I don’t know much about these discs. I hear/read only complaints, not much expert comments… so if you have some, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

I don’t know if that’s entirely true. I know that many -R fail at the layer break. Not sure what the reason for that is but how can bitsetting affect reading past the layer break?

IMO, its up to a wrong “authoring” done by the burning software.
I’ve only used Imgburn for my Verbatim DVD-R DL (4x rated) burns and had [B]zero[/B] problems with the discs. :smiley:

Who do you mean with “you”?
If you meant me then I can clearly say you that you have concluded something wrong out of my postings.
A “recording process” is not that important with DL, its the content itself and its authoring through the used burning software.

That is one big point why [B]ImgBurn[/B] rules! :bow: