Problem burning to CD-R on Sony CRX230E CD-RW

Good afternoon all,

I am trying to burn audio files to a CD-R disc using a Sony CRX230E CD-RW. When I attempt to burn the files, an error comes up saying I need to use a CD-R/W disc and that the detected disc is a CD-ROM. I uninstalled the drivers reloaded them, but I get the same result. I am using Memorex CD-R (52X, 700MB, 80 min) discs. This recorder should record on CD-R or CD-RW type discs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



CD-ROM, eh…have you got Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed? If so, uninstall them and try again.

Both have an option in the settings to hide the media type (e.g CDR, CDRW).

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Thanks Arachne,

Well, to show you my knowledge of computers, I don’t know what “alcohol” or “daemon tools” is. If it is on my system, I didn’t load it knowingly. What is it used for? How do I search for it on my system? Thanks.


Have a look in Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel :slight_smile:

I checked for Alcohol and Daemon Tools under Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, but they are not present on my system. :confused:
Anything else that may cause this problem? I’m clueless!

Maybe try different media, and I’ll dig around to see what else could be causing this. Memorex isn’t the best.

Maybe someone else will chime in with suggestions, too. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Arachne, I’ll try another brand tomorrow when I get the chance to pick some up. What would you recommend?

From a regular store…Verbatim :slight_smile:

Good morning Arachne,

To show just how much of a novice I am, check out the following:

I placed the Memorex CD-R in my work laptop CD burner and it detected a blank disc, so I figured the discs were fine. I then threw in a regular CD in my Sony CD burner/player and found that it did not detect it properly, either. This morning, I pulled the Sony CD burner from the PC, carefully noting the connections. Guess what? I had the analog audio connection reversed, which is easy to do if you are not paying attention, because there is no key on the connector. I reassembled everything and put a new blank disc in, and to my joy it detected a blank CD-R properly. I am now burning a couple of CD’s for use in my car. I definitely know enough to be deadly!!! :o

Thank you for all your time and assistance with this problem, Arachne. Have a great day.


Wow! That’s something I’d never have thought of, so I learned from your experience too :bigsmile:

Who’d have thought an audio cable connection could cause that?!

Kudos to you for getting it sorted :bow:…and, anytime :wink: