Problem burning to any 16x DVD-R

I have an external NEC DVD ND-2500a dvd writer. Works perfectly with any 8x DVD discs, along side Nero. But whenever I purchase any 16x DVD’s it will not allow me to burn to them.

When I go into Nero it gives me the following burning speeds: - 4.1, 3.1, 2 or 1. Neither of then work - I get a unknown burnphase -27 error.

The firmware on my NEC, according to Nero Info Tool, is 1.06

How can I upgrade my DVD writer in order for it to at least burn at any speed (2,4, 8, anything!") onto any 16x dvd-r??? Where can I download the latest firmware or firmware that will allow me to use 16 discs? How to I update the firmware>

Please bare in mind that I am a newbie so all instructions have to be in laymans terms! Sorry!

Thanks in advance!

Go to this address for firmware updates:

That might help.

Alternatively the 2500 can be converted to the 2510 & use the very latest firmware from the NEC site for the 2510.

Look here .

Your help is greatly appreciated. Would really appreciate a step-by-step guide on how to do this

There is actually a guide on how to flash on the Liggy &Dee website - look lower left under documentation.

Essentially it’s a case of downloading the firmware you want - I’d go for the 2510 2.19 version - & then get the Windows GUI version of Bin Flash. Run this , select the extracted firmware & go.

The guide should see you thru’ OK.

Cheers Tim!

I followed your instructions and downloaded BinFlash and the 2.19 version of the Firmware. Done a backup of my current and then flashed my drive.

Now works a treat!! Thanks you so much!

One question, even though it now allowing me to burn to 16x discs, it will only allow me to burn at a max of 8x. Why is this?

Maybe because your drive is an 8x burner? Your car won’t start flying either just from using kerosene. :disagree:

Well it says under system tools that it is a 16x burner.

my car DOES fly using keroseen actually. :wink:

It’s lying then.