Problem burning SVCD using NERO



i have 2 mpeg 2 files i want to burn into 1 cd as svcd. total length abt 92 mins. i'm using smartbuy 90+mins cds (16x). When i burn, towards the end, it will display the error msg ( NO SEEK COMPLETE). when i put the disc into my dvd player, it does not work at all, can anyone help?


by the way, i’m using win xp professional with acer 2410A CDRW drive


more info needed

[/ul] does your dvd player play svcd (not all do)
check out your player at w*


Originally posted by forjononly
…svcd… total length abt 92 mins. i’m using smartbuy 90+mins cds (16x)
90’ discs are one of two major types: the first is just an 80’ disc that can overburn, through manufacturing characterstics, to 90’ (+ sometimes). The other type of 90’ disc is the true 90’ media that has a tighter spiral - not all writers can deal with this non Colored Book standard. I have inculded some links which will take you to an oversized disc capable forum for writers


so chances r my drive cannot overburn cds properly? okie. thx. at least this will stop me from wasting anymore money on the cds.


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