Problem burning SOF



I need your help

I've download the ISO files of SOF.

I've unrared the files.

Until yet everything is ok.

I got 2 files. One *.cue about 1 ko and one *.bin about 750 000 ko.

Maybe I did something wrong with CDRWIN 3.7 because I never used it before.

Here is what I did :

First I open CDRWIN, insert a 80 min blank CD and click on RECORD DISC. After I click on LOAD CUESHEET and select the *.cue files and finally I click on START RECORDING. The CD was well done but when I insert it on my CD-ROM it is illisible.

What happened?



I don’t know how oft i must answer this question again ?

But so here it is :

Dowload ‘Fireburner’ and burn the *.cue file with this program and it will work without an error


I’m with fireburner to…BIG time !