Problem burning photo clios



I have also bought this same external dvd drive HP dvd 1170 because the internal one stopped being recognized by the laptop. When I inserted the installation cd it wasn’t obvious which software I was supposed to download. I have burned a cd with video clips avi from my camera and can play them back on my old desktop but not on the dvd player I have with my tv. That dvd
player supports photo cds. I am wondering if I chose the wrong software to download off the cd. Should I go back and
download the others available or pick a new program that will
allow me to burn the clips? I just want to be able to play these
clips on my tv.


A dvd player that can play back photo cds, may not have the ability to play avi video clips. Those are not the same thing.

Check your dvd player’s manual to see if it can play avi files.