Problem burning Paul McCartney "Back in the USA" DVD



I burned a copy of Paul McCartney’s “Back in the USA” concert DVD successfully except it did not copy the 3 bonus tracks. I could not even find them listed anywhere in DVD Shrink when I went back to look at all the menus and extras etc. When I click on the menu item for the bonus tracks it just comes right back to the menu rather than opening the tracks. The rest of the DVD is flawless. Does anyone know of this problem or if they have a way of hiding things like this from the recording software?

I decrypted with the DVD Fab HD Decrypter.




Were the tracks there after you decrypted it and did they play?


Thanks for the response! All the menus, extras and main movie/concert tracks were there in DVD Shrink except the bonus tracks. I looked at each menu item and each extra track to see if it showed up but it was not there from the original scan. In other words when I originally ran DVD Fab decrypter and then DVD Shrink scaned it and displayed all content, the bonus tracks were not there. It would appear that they are hidden somehow.


I ran DVD Decrypter instead of DVD Fab and it produced everything including the bonus tracks when opened in DVD Shrink. There must be a glitch in DVD Fab. That’s funny because usually any problematic DVD’s always seem to work with DVD Fab when DVD Decrypter fails.


Think I’ll transfer this to the DVD Fab forum for Fengtao to have a look.

Edit: Done :slight_smile: