Problem burning one particular ISO file


Since several days i am trying to create one particular Linux live-CD, namely PC Linux OS, version 2008 Gnome. I downloaded the respective ISO file, pclos-gnome2008.iso, alltogether FOUR times, each one from a different source… and none of them will create a usable CD!

The last one i downloaded i did a MD5 sum check and it turned out correct, so the download is fine.

I burned this particular one first on my machine, Vista 32bit, using ImgBurn latest version - as the 3 downloads before, it claims to complete successfully, verifies ok but the disk appears empty or corrupted to Windows and undetectable by Linux (Ubuntu Gutsy).

On another forum where this Linux distro was pointed out to me i was advised to “finalize the CD” after burning, i didn’t see such an option in ImgBurn. So i burned one more, using my boyfriend’s laptop (Windows XP, Nero 8). It too burned ok and finalized, yet - CD empty or corrupted, same as mine.

So finally i tried yet one more, using another software (again on my Vista machine) Active@ ISO Burner, which DOES have the “Finalize Disk” option, burned ok, finalized ok - and of course, the CD appears empty or corrupted.

The funny thing is, each one of these failed CD’s does actually BOOT a computer into a live session of PC Linux OS Gnome, fully functional - but INSTALLING does not work on them. It starts but stops at around 40%. Every single one of them.

And don’t blame the media (Princo) as between the failed PC Linux OS ones i burned a whole bunch of other Linux distro live-CD’s and they all work - it’s only PC Linux OS that doesn’t. Yet others have burned them successfully and installed it successfully… so for some reason it fails only for me.

Any idea what could be the reason…?

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And don’t blame the media ([B]Princo[/B])…[/QUOTE]

Sorry but this issue most of times is due to a bad quality disc, so I blame the media.

Try again with a proven quality media, like a Verbatim. This should solve :slight_smile:

Maybe you can try to burn at a little lower speed, but a crappy disc cannot be transformed in a good disc by any burner.

I really suggest to not burn any important data on low quality media. Most of times low quality discs become unreadable after a short time :frowning:


That is why i said - do NOT blame it on the media. Because during the last 5 years or more i burned in excess of 1,000 CD’s using nothing but Princo. I had maybe a couple of coasters.

In the last few days i burned like 10 CD’s - ALL fine except for any of the PC Linux OS 2008 Gnome ones. Isn’t that a coincidence? I mean EVERYTHING burns fine except that one file?

And you still blame it on the media?

Apart from that i have never seen Verbatim CD’s anywhere here… i use Verb’s for DVD’s (remember my current problem is with CD’s NOT DVD’s!) and i have “high quality media” that i burned 3-4 years ago falling apart on me (TDK, Sony) while all my old Princo’s are still readable.

The problem must be with the ISO file - the guy that recommended them to me said he burned it under Linux, well i can’t burn under Linux as my Linux box has no burner.

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I still blame the media because Princo are crappy discs, and this is not my opinion, but a general agree: most of people here had very bad experiences (and many data losses) using these discs.

However, there are some alternative solutions. You can use a different live distro to burn the ISO, like for example Knoppix or Ubuntu. These should already have a burning software included, so this should enable you to burn the ISO under Linux. This is a rathe rcumbersome solution however.

Another alternative is to buy a pressed disc of PCLinuxOS Take a look here. The price is not excessive and will cover only shipping costs. This of course will be the definitive solution because you will have a pressed CD and no need to burn the disc by yourself.

Another alternative is to download the ISO image using the torrent. In fact, the torrent has a hash control done during the download, and this gives more warranty of the file integrity. The FTP is not accurate as the torrent.

At the moment I have no more ideas :frowning:

Yes, I agree, burning data at lower speed using a proven quality media, like a Verbatim should solve all the burning problems!!..and Nero is the best burner :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:

So here’s an update. This thread can be closed - it’s solved actually.

Princo DVD’s may be crappy but their CD’s are good - LiteOn actually recommends them, and my burner is a LiteOn. Plus i’ve been using them for many years without a single problem.

So, in the end it turned out ALL FIVE of my PC Linux OS 2008 Gnome CD’s actually DO WORK PERFECTLY. For some reason they appear empty under both Linux and Windows - BUT - once i had removed that #$@%#!! Nvidia graphics cad from that computer and used the on-board one, the OS installed just fine and now also works just fine. And just to prove the point i installed it no less than 5 times, testing each one of those CD’s … ALL WORK!!

I hadn’t thought this graphic card to cause such a problem… but then, it made Mandriva crash after installing and SAM refuse to boot, so i thought i try without it…

Strange only that Ubuntu has no problems whatsoever with that card.

Aaaargh geeky Linux stuff.

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