Problem burning latest titles - Scary movie 4 & Shaggy Dog

I have been recently having issues burning some of the recent movies that I have bought. I like to keep the originals in a safe place and give the copies to the kids as I have lost some bucks already with scratched disks.

Bottom line is that I am using Cyberlink PowerDVD Copy (version 1.0) with the latest AnyDVD version. I am using a single layer (4.7 GB DVD +R) TDK external DVD burner and although it seems to read the DVD jsut fine and it even can create a working folder in the hard drive, when it burns the movie it seems to work fine throughout the process. The problem starts when I try to run the movie in a DVD player. it goes to the Menu butr when i try to play, all the chapters are blank and it keeps on skipping from one to the other until the “movie” ends. I gather it must be some sort of new protection as this is the third movie that I have the same problem with. The folder in the hard drive does not have this problem and I can perfectly watch the movie from my computer. Anyone has seen a similar problem and what has been the solution?

i tried using 1 Click DVD Pro, Nero Vision and CloneDVD2 to no avail. I still have this same problem. Old titles work just fine. i just made a copy of I am Sam and it worked great.



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Could just be the software and method you are using. Do you rip to HDD using AnyDVD’s ripper? Have you tried a movie only backup with DVD Shrink/Recode doing the compressing? I would backup the movie only. This frees up alot of space on the disc leaving room for higher quality, and if you have the original tucked away for safe keeping you can always watch the special features and such from it.

I managed to backup scary movie 4 fine. Although i only backed up the actual movie, so i had 100% quality. It sounds like its the menu that is the problem, and i did notice that there are navigational errors inside the disk, so i’d just backup the actual movie. The extras arnt all that special anyway.