Problem burning ISO!

I’ve gone through about 3 Cd-Rs trying to burn off an ISO file onto a disc. Keep in mind I’m new at this…anyway, I’ve burned it off onto a CDr using Nero (the disc was just detected as a blank CD), Roxio (I tried exploring the disc and all it had was the ISO file itself and a file called “Bootcat” or “Catboot” or something like that), and another one I forget (makes it so the Windows burner can burn off ISOs - again, detected it as blank). I’m stuck, any ideas? All the FAQs I’ve looked up say it’s really simple, but apparently it’s not for me…

Welcome to cdfreaks Reiji Kido99 :),

did you choose Nero CD-ROM(ISO) profile for burning? if not try it. Got the same problem again just post again :).

Okay I did that now and it comes up in the (D:) drive as NEW and inside is the ISO file…did I do something wrong while burning it? I selected it as an ISO file this time instead of before (I had burned it as something else by mistake).

whatz the iso image of ? a bootable CD ? anyway read this

try using dvd decrypter works great for iso’s!

Thanks for all your help guys! As it turns out the ISO was corrupted because something went wrong when creating it…or something…I dunno lol I am new to all of this. Thanks though!