Problem Burning ISO

I have a WinXP cd that is getting a bit worn so I created an iso image from the cd using Magic ISO. If I mount the ISO I created and run it, it loads fine just like a windows installation cd. However when I burn the iso to cd with Nero and place the burnt cd in the drive it does not run, it just opens the cd for viewing the files. I did tick finalise disc before I burnt it. What is going wrong here, any ideas. I want to burn the iso so that it acts just like the CD it was created from and loads the Windows installation procedure when I boot from it, the way it is now I cannot boot from it.

Have you tried both creating and burning the ISO with ImgBurn?

Recheck the settings on the drive,it maybe that it was set to open files when certain disc were loaded


[QUOTE=Rafterman;2049731]I have a WinXP cd that is getting a bit worn so I created an iso image from the cd using Magic ISO. [/QUOTE]
You know that you need to specify some settings as Load segment, Sectors to load when you create such an ISO? I doubt Magic ISO can create a bootable ISO. I suggest that you use CDBurnerXP or ImgBurn for this task. As you already have Nero, that program will also allow you to create such an ISO.

I agree with Gummigutta above, but if it was me I would use Imgburn, it does everything you need and more and plus the fact that the program is free (Its worth more than all the others combined in my opinion). This is just a guess on my part but I think that half the people that use Imgburn do not use it to its full potential, its truely an amazing burning program that does so much more.

Thanks for the replys. I will give Imgburn a try. What was really bugging me was the fact that if I mounted the iso image as a virtual drive it loaded just fine showing the Win XP installation menu, it was only when burned to cd with nero it would not load up, just display the file on the cd. BTW other installation CD’s loaded fine from the same DVD-Writer(BenQ 1655) so the settings for the drive are fine.