Problem burning ISO game to CD

I have downloaded some older games for my son and used Power ISO to burn the games to CD, but they are still coming out as files.

What the heck am I doing wrong? I am a newbie at this ISO stuff and not sure if I am doing this right. I know there is a game somewhere in that file because its about 549 MBs.

Thanks in advance.

While there are some free games that are available for download, they rarely come as ISO files. For example, this site has a few games that have been released to the public:

Or this list:

Unless you can show provenance of the ISO files, we will be forced to shut this thread down, due to possible copyright violations.

Thanks for the links. I did d/l a game from one of those sites last night and it also turned out to be a file only. Don’t know how to open it or burn it if that is even possible.

If you downloaded source code files from the first link, then no, they won’t play or even be of use without the original game. You need binary executable files from that site, and not all the games listed have them. Many of those games are very old and won’t play on modern systems without extra steps anyway.

The other link should have useable games listed, at least for those that are still available, that list is a few years old.

Since we’ve had no explanation of the original ISO file, this thread is now closed. You can send a pm if you want any further input from me.