Problem burning in Toast- not enough free space



I have a problem using DVD2oneX. I use DVD Backup 1.3, DVD2oneX and toast as well described on the forum. I used “diskcopy” mode in DVD2oneX. When I go to burn in Toast, I get the following error message: “There’s not enough free space on this disc: 2311504 sectors (4.4 GB) are needed, 2298496 sectors (4.4 GB) are available.” Are there some files I will not miss that I can delete from the VIDEO_TS folder to decrease the size?

Any thoughts or suggestions???


No … you need all the files.

You could try processing the ripped files again with Dvd20ne, but lower the output size to 4444mb.
Dvd20ne estimates the final size and sometimes it can be a little out.

If this doesn’t do the trick, just process the processed files again, this often works too.


you just need to lower the rate a little. 4380 maybe



Lowering the output size to 4444 solved the problem.