Problem burning file to CD


I am really new to this (and not technical at all) so not sure if this is legal or not, but here goes.

I have the following files but cannot get them to burn - any ideas please.

00-tiesto-in_search_of_sunrise_4-2cd-2005-pic1.jpg 33.97 KB
00-tiesto-in_search_of_sunrise_4-2cd-2005-pic2.jpg 39.98 KB
00-tiesto-in_search_of_sunrise_4-2cd-2005-pic3.jpg 33.02 KB
00-tiesto-in_search_of_sunrise_4-2cd-2005-pic4.jpg 37.43 KB
00-tiesto-in_search_of_sunrise_4-2cd-2005.m3u 48 bytes
00-tiesto-in_search_of_sunrise_4-2cd-2005.nfo 1.78 KB
00-tiesto-in_search_of_sunrise_4-2cd-2005.sfv 68 bytes
01-tiesto-isos4-cd1.cue 1.56 KB
01-tiesto-isos4-cd1.mp3 115.86 MB
02-tiesto-isos4-cd2.cue 1.53 KB
02-tiesto-isos4-cd2.mp3 120.24 MB

how are you attempting to burn the files to CD ? what program are you using ? what operating system have you ? what happens when you try to burn the files to Cd ? give any errors if possible…

Hi, Thank for the reply.

I have Windows XP, and am using Nero 6 to burn. I have not had any trouble before but there is no .bin file only the .cue. Nero Express keeps telling me it is an enexpected format.

Hope that is enough info.


what is your desired outcome ? from the files you have listed, is it possible that you are wanting to create 1 or 2 audio/music CDs, or do you just wish to burn all files to CD to save as backups…if so, don’t include the cue files in your CD compilation, see if nero accepts this

Yeah I would ideally like to create 2 CD’s. I have tried selecting just the MP3 files to burn but Nero wont accept them. Have also tried to burn them through the Windows and Nero Media players but no joy.

ok, well, without going into a nero audio cd tutorial ;-), what i suggest is:

download ht fireman from
install it
rename each mp3 file to CD1.mp3 & CD2.mp3 [or whatever u like, just take those - symbols out of the file name. then in ht fireman, choose audioburn. load an mp3 >>
as long as the mp3 files are ok, non-corrupt, then you should be fine

CUE files do not only define .bin files. They also define , within a large mp3 file, what the individual tracks are. This would appear to be what you have.
Apps like CDRWin apparently can create this combination therefore I guess it should be able the burn it as well.
This link has a CUE splitter which will split out the individual tracks as separate mp3 files which you could birn with Nero:- . If it doesn’t work don’t blame me as I’ve never needed to use it.
Alternatively get CDRWin.

You should go into Nero and click open, then make it so that it shows all files, then select the .Cue file and double click, Nero will take a few moments to open it up and then just click burn and it will burn all the tracks seperate on the CD without no pauses between the tracks.

Depends on the country you live in…
For the purpose of this forum it is considered legal as long as you own the CD yourself… so I assume you do.

Thana a lot you guys for all the advice but I have to declare TimC the winner as his suggestion worked, but thank you all anyway for taking the time.

Just a note to add for Da Taxman - my fault for not clarifying what I meant by legal - I was referring to the forum selection. Also being a really really new newbie I am not yet familiar with all the jargon so sometimes am not able to use the correct phrasing therefore don’t always come up with an answer to a problem in ‘SEARCH’ - so it’s not always because we are lazy just that sometimes we don’t know the correct terms to use.



LizzyB - you’re more than welcome.