Problem burning dvd's

I have been using dvdfab to rip dvd’s, dvd shrink, and Nero. I always completes each process with success. Then when I try to watch the dvd it will freez or be so choppy that I cannot watch it. I use Fuji +R DVD’s. Anyone have an idea as to why this may be happening. Thanks a million in advance!

I would highly recommend trying Verbatim DVD-R media. :slight_smile:

what is the difference?

Verbatim historically has tighter manufacturing tolerances and often produce skip-free playback even when other brands fail. CD laser tracks are not as closely packed as data is on DVD’s, so any variance can have an exaggerated impact by comparison.

I mention DVD-R because they are the most compatible in general, though sometimes using DVD+R with bit-setting to DVD-ROM works well too.

Anyway, 16x Verbatim DVD-R’s should do the trick, I hope. :slight_smile:

Thanks, how do you feel about dvdfab and dvd shrink?

I like DVD Shrink a great deal but I don’t use it to rip DVD’s to disk. I use it to process the movie after it has been ripped.

I like DVDFab DECRYPTER a great deal as a ripping tool, but I pretty much use RipIt4Me, which is a front end for DVD Decrypter, as it does a pretty good job and also makes it easy to call the ripped movie up in DVD Shrink.

They have an installer for RipIt4Me that works well. If you have DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink installed, it will install the RipIt4Me front end, the FixVTS clean up program and install a shortcut on the desktop. Then all you have to do is start RipIt4Me and it will walk you through the process via the wizard. Good stuff.

I fully agree with Beardedkirklander ,
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I would check if you are burning at 4 speed. I had a similer problem sorted it out by puting the burn spped to 4 from 8 worked first time

            hope it helps

Just to update, It is working great now. Thanks to all for the help. Big Thanks to BeardedKirklander!

Thanks for the follow up. Congrats, and happy burning. :slight_smile:

It does sound like a media problem, or you may have other programs running in the background that may cause you to have this problem since encoding/burning a DVD can be pretty processor intensive, I find it best not to have other programs running when burning a dvd, basically you want to just be burning a dvd and doing nothing else on the PC until it has fininshed. I agree Verbatim media is one of the best brands you can get, I use these or I use Plextor branded as long has they have a Taiyo Yuden recording surface, Taiyo Yuden are arguably the best brand for recordable media.