Problem burning dvds

i have recently encountered problems burning movies to dvd i have different decrypting software i am using and it seems to be effecting all of them. my drives seems ok because i can burn MP3 CDs and MP3 DVDs the only problem happens with movies. i dont know what it could be all my decrypting software is doing its job fine i just cant get the movie onto a dvd i already tryied reinstalling windows xp pro and all my other software( minimal software to make sure nothing interfeared with the burning process) and it didnot help. any help would be apprecitated

Hi apollop, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

If you get any error message when you try to burn, could you please post it for us? It will help us find out the cause of your problem. :slight_smile:

no error message the software goes through the entire burn and when its done i pop it back in to check if its working and the dvd drive will not read it. the light on the dvd drive stays on i dont know if this will help.

OK, could be a media problem.

Can you download CD-DVD Speed, pop one of the “burned” discs in, and go to the Disc Info tab?

You’ll find the MID info there, can you post that? Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, details of what burner you’re using would help. :slight_smile:

i tried downloading cd-dvd speed but i am a t work and the computer will not let me. but a have been using the same media and programs for a while and i just started having this problem. the only diference that i can think of is the windows updates.

Ah OK. Do the burned movies play on any other drive or a standalone DVD player?

nope! but i can play other movies i have previously burned on my computer

i am using a laptop to burn movies it is a gateway7422 the dvd burner is the original one that came with the laptop.

this problem is driving me up a wall every other problem i ever had burning movies i been able to firgure out.

OK, even though we can’t get the MID info for the discs, can you tell me the brand?

Also, can you explain the process you use to rip and burn - for example, rip with DVD Shrink, burn with Nero.

Sorry about all the questions, but I have little to go on :wink:

compusa store brand. i used anydvd with clonedvd2 i used 1clickdvd, dvd shrink I HAVE THEM ALL. basically what i do is put the original dvd in the dvd drive and let the decrypter do its job then when its done it will pop it out and ask for a blank 1 and i will put it in there. it will go thru the whole buring process without a problem and kick out the disc like its done when i look at the disc it will look as if there is data on it, but when it put it in to play it will not read it. oh if i try and burn a ISO IMAGE IT MY COMPUTER IT WILL WORK FINE THE I CAN USE DAMEON TO PLAY IT FROM THERE.

IF u have any other question i will gladly answer them since u r helping me.

Aha! Daemon Tools, should have known.

Give uninstalling Daemon Tools a try, it’s known to cause problems like this (but often it won’t let you burn, won’t recognise the blank disc).

Edit: Alcohol 120% is another program that can fool around with drives/access to discs.

You have nothing to lose. If uninstalling DT doesn’t help, you can always reinstall it again :slight_smile:

uninstalled daemon tools but still didnt work

Try windows system restore to revert back to an older configuration.

The drive should work if you’ve wiped the HDD and clean installed windows with ONLY the burn application (DVD Decrypter) and the latest AnyDVD.

thnxz 4 all the help installed a new drive and everything seems 2 be working