Problem burning DVD's

I am new to this forum and needed some help with a problem I’m having with the DVD burner in my Sony Laptop. I backup movies using DVD shrink and burn them using nero. I have not had a problem doing this for the 5 months I’ve had the computer. However now I can rip the movie, but when I go to burn it using nero I get an error that says: Unspecified Recorder Error!

Does anyone know what the problem can be? I thought it might just be nero, but I tried another program and I also get an error.

I appreciate any suggestions.


What blank media are you using?
Is DMA enabled?
What burner is it listed as in Device Manager?

I’ve tried both Fuji and Memorex and get the same error.

I dont know if DMA is enabled because i dont know what it is…
The burner is named DVD RW DW-56A. I’m pretty new to this so thanks for any more help.

Look at the post right above your last post to see how to check if DMA is enabled. It’s almost at the very bottom. :wink:

Ok I checked to see if DMA was enabled for both the primary and secondary channels and they were. I would think that it was the media I was using but I have already burnt several successful copies using the same media I have now???

How about a bad disc that you are trying to copy? Try something else and see if you get the same error. Can you see any deep scratches on the disc you are trying to copy or is this a problem with any disc you are trying to copy?

yea its a problem with any disc… Ive tried about 3 different movies that have all ripped perfectly fine onto my hard drive. Its just when I got to burn them. The strange thing is that the day before I had this problems I was burning just fine, next day I didn’t do anything different to my computer and got this error.

I had a LiteOn 1693 that did the same thing kind of. It wouldn’t read anything but it would burn a disc though. When i put a disc in it, it would just click and click and that was it. It’s now in the trash and a LiteOn 160P is in it’s place and working just dandy. You might need a new drive. :Z

Ok sounds like I need a new drive. What do you suggest? I have about $150 to spend and would like to get an external burner? Don’t know whats good though?

At the tail end of this thread external enclosures are mentioned. You can pick one up cheap and NewEgg has several internal DVD burners for a great price. I like LiteOn i have 4 of them but also have a BenQ 1650 and 2- Pioneer 111-D drives. IMO you cant go wrong with any of the top 3. Here’s a link to the enclosure thread :wink: The link i gave is at the end. You can scroll up a bit to get more info.

I have 4 of these drives. Love em. Darn good price and shipping is free. Link for you. :clap: But no software. I have about 20 OEM Nero discs so not a big deal for me. But just thought you might want to know.