Problem burning DVDs with LG GSA-4163B (super multi)

Hi people,
I recently baught the DVD burner LG GSA-4163B and upgraded it’s Firmware to A105 but I have problems burning DVDs, I mainly burn dataDVDs and sometimes after burning I get sector error while verifiying the compilation with nero mostly after 60% of compilation like after 3.6Gib and over ,
My driver has now 2 months old and I use nero
is the problem from my burner or from the medias I use or from software !!
I don’t know what’s the manifacturer of the medias I use, is there anyway to identify them and finaly could someone give some hints about DVD burning cuz I got sike of losing disks :frowning:
THX in advence for help {^_^}

Looks like a media problem. Download DVDIdentifier to check the mediacode and report :slight_smile:
Meanwhile, what’s the brand and rated speed?

thx alot for reply I downloaded and checked the media I get :"** INFO : Disc = [DVD-R:LONGTEN 001]" I baught it for like 0.28$ but I don’t know how good they are,even if I get this type of error, can you recommande me a specific media manufacturer for best burning
thx in advence :slight_smile:

Welcome to CDfreaks :slight_smile:
You’ve taken an important step to understand CD/DVD writers & burning.

Longten are very bad media (I bought a 25 spindle relabelled by a rebadger), and about 1/2 of them failed during the burn, several finished the burn, but didn’t pass the nero file check, and the rest failed within 6 weeks.

Check out the bargain basement forum & have look for some good Taiyo Yuden (aka TY) or [b]MCC /b media in your area.

Yes, they do cost upto $0.60 per disc, but compare that to burning 3 discs, and the time you spend trying to figure out whats wrong with your system & then when you do get one to finally work, it decays just 6 weeks down the track.

If the price is too much, then you can maybe look at ricoh, or a similar.

Those of us calling TY don’t have a penchant for expensive goodies. We have good reasons, starting with “A great disc after every burn” :wink:

Here you go :slight_smile:
Find accompanying comparison of good & bad media.
Bad one is the longten, PI = 600, PIF =15.
Good one is a Taiyo Yuden.

You make the call :wink:

First time I hear about Longten.

Learning everyday… :rolleyes:

Judging by the scan lets hope it’s the last time as well.

:bigsmile: LOL

THX alot for compliments ^^, I am very happy to join the CDfreaks community and thx also for your very handy reply, this will be the last time I buy those Medias, I hope I may find TY in our area :slight_smile: THX AGAIN {^^}