Problem Burning DVDs, low buffe level



heya, ive been having some trouble burning dvd -5. I have a Sony DVD RW DW-Q30A and im usin nero 7 ultra edition… when im burning the dvd (from a previous image) the buffer level goes down and up, so when the burning should take around 8 mins it takes 45 to burn the hole dvd. If u know what i could try to do i would apriciate it.


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Check if DMA is enabled. See link in my signature :slight_smile:


ty very much for the welcome^^
I checked DMA… on the primary channel i had it both divice 0 and divice 1 with DMA if posible, and on the secondary channel i had in divice 0 dma and in the second one pio only, which i changed it to dma… tho in the “current transfer mode” after i reset the pc stays pio only.
Anyway i tried to make a dvd iso with nero and the “read buffer level” goes down to 0 many times, so i guess im having problems both with burning and reading =/.
plz help.


Try the script in my signature. It’s a downloadable VB script that you execute with Explorer.


great, i resested DMA and its working 100%. Tyvm bro, i owe u one ^^.

Btw great forum, quick answers and good ppl ;p