Problem burning DVDs in LDW-851SX external drive

I have an external, 8X, USB2 DVD Writer from LiteOn, Model: LDW-851SX. I got lots of troubles when burning DVD Movies, it always gives me error in all softwares I tried (Nero, CloneDVD, Sonic RecordNow, Alcohol, DVD Decrypter, … etc.), using different DVD –R media like, Princo,Memorix, Starmedia.). I upgraded the firmware to the latest one from LiteOn website (GS0H), and I still have the same problem.
Upto now, the only software I’m using is DVD decrypter, it gives an I/O error, something like ‘semaphore timed out’, then I keep pressing retry, then retry and after some retries, it works and goes successfully, the end movie can be played in some dvd players.
Is this a common problem in this external DVDWR drive? Is there any solution? What is the recommended Patch firmware to try?

By the way, I’m using Win2K, in 3G Intel processor, 512M Ram.
Please help…

Hey, that seems to be less the burners problem, it seems to be a problem with the usb2 chipset and dvd decryptor.
There’s a new one out now which is supposed to address the sephamore timeout problem :iagree:

Is there any solution for USB2 problem? no use then, for the external drive

the usb2 problem is only with dvd decryptor and there’s a new version available to tackle that problem.
I’ve been using my usb2 811 since late last year.
U’ve only given the dvd decryptor error, what other errors do u get? The problem u get may even be media related : could be because they’re -R (liteons prefer +R), or because of the quality of the media. Princo is known to be variable, I don’t know starmedia so it could be questionable, and memorex uses lots o different stuff. Post MID codes for the media with dvd identifier or dvd info pro.

The problem in my USB2 dvd writer drive is not only in DVD Decrypter. All other softwares are giving me trouble also. When using Nero, it stops after some time (5-10%) and cannot complete. Same thing happens with Sonic RecordNow and I lost my dvd media every time. Sometimes, I do not burn directly, I start a test (simulation), after passing the test, when comming to the real burning, it fails. It happens in those both softwares I mentioned.

hmmm, try some dvd+ media so we can help isolate the problem. U don’t need to get super expensive ones, but some decent ones at least. Since nero actually STARTS to burn, I don’t think its a problem with the usb, especially since there hasn’t been a speedshift when the problem started.

As you recmmended m8. I tried with DVD +R and it seems that the burner works OK. I burned some movies without the problem.
Why to have problems with DVD -R?

From my experience LiteOn burners do better with +R media, I haven’t heard of to many success stories burning 8x –R media. I tried one tonight with my new 812S and it won’t play around the 80-90% mark, at 4x I don’t have any problems with it though.

Upto yesterday, All my burned DVD+R are ok and played well in my standalone player. Yesterday, I have I burned two movies in the same brand I’m alway using (infosmart dvd+R), but they are not playing well, they stops in the last few chapters. In the liteon writer play ok, but in the standalon player, they have this problem.
This started after I updated the firmware to the last one from liteon, for the first movie, then I downgraded to the same what I have before, and burn the other movie, and it got the same problem.
any suggestions??