Problem burning dvd with NERO

I have been trying and trying to burn a DVD with NERO, but no success. :frowning:
Hoping somone can help me, I have attached the error log.

Thanks In Advance! :slight_smile:

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You might want to roll back or uninstall your nVidia IDE drivers, and revert back to default MS ones and give it another shot. :slight_smile:

wow, thanks for a very fast reply!
I will try this, and post if its successfull.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Arachne M8, you are truly truly a genius… Problem Solved :clap:

You have also fixed my massive headache!
THANKS MILLIONS AND MILLIONS! i love you for ever! :flower:

Woohoo! :clap:

Hehehe, you’re more than welcome, I’m glad it’s sorted :smiley:

Oh No! I have another problem?? :doh:

I create my own DVD using NEROVISION4, I then “WRITE TO HARD DISC FOLDER”.
At this poit all seems good!, It creates a file “DISC IMAGE”.
After closing everything, I double click the file “DISC IMAGE”, this opens NERO BURNING ROM 7.
I start the burning process, at 1% burn fails:-

20:46:06 Caching of files started
20:46:06 Caching of files compleate
20:46:06 Simulation started at 8x (11,080KB/s)
20:46:14 Device not available
20:47:40 Reset occurred
20:47:40 Could not perform end of Disc-at-once
20:47:42 Simulation failed at 8x (11,080KB/s)

I have attached this error log

I create the same DVD using DVD STYLER FREE, and save image.
This creates a file “IMAGE FILES” (a single file, but different to that nero creates, same nero icon).
Close everything, double click the file “IMAGE FILES”.
This again opens NERO BURNING ROM 7, and burns successfuly.

I would so prefer to build a compleate DVD using nero.
Thanks again for your help, hope you understand… :rolleyes:

New Nero Error Log.txt (7.95 KB)