Problem Burning DVD+RW using NEC 4571A

Hi I’ve been using this drive mostly with DVD-R/RW with no problems. But when I tried to use DVD+RW(Ritek) (through Nero), it kept saying it needs to format the disc. So I click on OK, but the window keeps popping up. I had used one DVD+RW in the past with no problem so I assumed the media was not compatible, so I went to buy Philips DVD+RWs instead. But the same problem occurs.

I would be grateful if anyone could shed some light on how I can get these to work.

My spec:

Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.00Ghz
Windows XP Home
1 GB Ram
100Gb Hard Disk Space
Nvidia Geforce FX5200go

Also the Nero InfoTool says that my burner is using 1.01 firmware.


The NEC 457n models are most disappointing burners & will only burn a few media well.

You’ll notice in the NEC sub-forum of the Optical Drives forum that there are a number of threads relating to poor RW burning for this model.

Ritek… Believe it or not, but Ritek media is a waste these days, that counts even more for RW!