Problem Burning DVD-Rs

I am running windowsXP SP2 and have a Toshiba SD-R5002 dvd burner. My problem is if I burn a CD-R the files are there and everything is fine however, when I try to burn a dvd-r it goes thru the motions of burning, I get the “burn successful” message, but, when the disk comes out of the burner it’s blank, like I never burned to it at all. Doesn’t matter what progam I use (ie. Nero 6.6, Alcohol 120%, ect.). I checked the firmware version and it’s up to date. I’ve never had a problem before with this burner and suddenly it started doing this. Can anybody help? :sad:

Soooo, nobody has a clue about this. I did notice one thing tho. The IMAPI service is not running anymore when I burn, it use to but now it doesn’t start at all. If I manually start it, it just stops by itself and doesn’t start automatically like it should.

Look at the burning side of the media, you should see it clearly if there is something burned on it…

Auto-Insert-Notfication and refreshing might not work properly. Have you used verification after burning?
Eject the media/tray for approx. 10 secs, hit then F5 in explorer and re-insert.
It should show you the content then.

Thanks for the reply chef. When I look at the burned side of the dvd it’s very faint. There’s something there but it’s just not as prominent as it should be, the cdrs are reading and writing fine tho. If I try to verify the content after burning a dvd it just sits at 2% for hours. I thought maybe it was a software thing but, I completely reformated and reinstalled my OS but I’m still having the same problem. I let update install sp2 before installing any burning software, I’m just wondering if it may have something to do with an update.

Maybe you could use Nero CD/DVD Speed to test the media/content.