Problem Burning DVD+R

Hey Guys, I’m having problems burning DVD+R’s. I get dvd’s that will play up to the movie menu only. When I press Play on my control or dvd player, it takes me back to main menu again. I’ve allready tried going thru the scene selection to start playing scene 1 of the movie, but it takes me back to the main menu. It seems as if the movie did not get copied. I Noticed The burn process is over too fast & looking at the DVD the burn looks as if it were a very short burn. All the settings on are cheked on the titles. Ive Already uninstalled & reinstalled Clone DVD2. I do get successful burns on the Nero software. Please advise

It could ne that you are removing the main movie, as when there is this problem, it automatically goes back to the title. Then again it could be protection based on unreadable sectors, so try ripping with anydvd :wink:

I ’ going to chek that out again. I think Ive got all of the titles checked