Problem Burning DVD+R

Nero says “illegal disc” when trying to burn a Data DVD+R (with some divx)…but it works using a DVD+RW…! Why?? My burner: Ricoh DVD+RW RW8160 (on Amilo D notebook), I updated with the last firmware 1.08, speed 2.4x. I’m using Sony DVDs but it doesn’t work with any DVD+R.
See the log file attached!
Please, help!! Thanks!!

Try posting the log file again. (make sure you remove the Serial number too) Whats the speed rating on the discs your using? If you say 8x + Then I’ll say dont bother posting the log. Unfortunately as disc’s get faster Write Strategies, Older Writers get Binned. This forced my last Upgrade. (Never looked Back)

Here is the log file (hope it works now…).
I’m using 1x-8x or 1x-16x DVD+R (I can’t find 1x-4x anymore…), but the DVD+RW was a 1x-4x.

log-nero.txt (7.62 KB)

Sorry man, but the error codes from your log blatently state - “Incompatible Medium/Format”. If you cant find the 1-4x you used to use, then save that cash for a new writer. You might get lucky and find a brand/MID that is 1-8x or 1-16x and works fine.

Well, you are right but I already used to use 1x-8x media and it worked… I don’t know why the burner now says that… And I can’t change burner because it a combinated drive in my notebook FujitsuSiemens Amilo D… I also tried reinstalling WinXP but nothing… HELP please…:frowning:

Keep shopping around, but I dont like your chances. I’d say you just got lucky - error codes are error codes.

I’m afraid reformats for media compatibility issues are pointless.

Fabiog80 welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Are you absolutely sure the media you are using are DVD + R media? Can post the MID of the media used or just a picture of them? It might be that its just DVD-R media, hence the error message.

If that aint the case, try using Taiyo Yuden 4x media (MIDs: TY T01 for +R and TY G01 for -R media)


I have a problem with my laptop’s burner (Ricoh RW8160). It don’t burn dvd anymore. I’ve decided to install a new firmware (1.08) but I can’t. On the first dialogue box of RFlash (information) it is writing :
Eject Disc from Target Drive.
There 's no Disc in the drive.
Then when I click on Start :
Cannot change Drive to Up Mode
Make sure Selected Target Drive
I don’t understand… I’ve selected my drive.
Then I can’t open my drive. I have to reeboot my computer to open it.

If someone can help me. Thank’s
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