Problem burning DVD-R with ARTEC

just bought an ARTEC DVD Burner the model is 8x/4x/12x. When i try to
burn from a DVD-R to a DVD-R Media, using any program (i have try Nero, DVD decrypter, Stomp RecordNow, Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD Suite 8, sonic RecordNow) when i select max speed burn or select 4X as the burning speed, they all burn my DVD-R at 2.4X.

I have also try to burn the DVD-R at 2X but it always change to 2.4X.

I’m using ESN 4.7GB 1x…4X As the burning media

I’m running the software in Windows XP Service Pack 1, in a MSI MS-6570,
with 512 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD, an AMD Processor.

What could be the problem.

Thank you very much

Sorry to ask but since it seems to be your first post at CDFreaks forums, I’m asking. Is the media really DVD-R media, and not DVD+R media? DVD+R’s lowest speed is 2.4x.

no problem kanshin, yes the media is DVD-R

Have you looked into a firmware update and updating the ASPI layers?

This drive is an OEM BenQ DW822A. This drive do not support 2x DVD-R speed so they will be written at 2.4x.

(that is a problem with DVD-RW, 2x DVD-RW will be written at 2.4x too and end up unreadable in most cases).

i have look for firmware updates for this, but i haven’t found any. i’m wondering if can i use the BenQ DW822A upgrades.

This model is a OEM of the BenQ DW822A i’m wondering if can i use the firmware upgrade of the BenQ to upgrade the ARTEC

I have the same drive and the same Question? Any firmware upgrades found?